Milk for Food Banks

Bringing more milk into food banks

Ensuring that food pantry clients get the milk they need.

Food Supply

Milk starts on the dairy farm. It’s the first step in a complex system involving processing, transportation and refrigeration. Examining the food supply chain reveals a spider’s web of connections.

Food Banks

Food banks are repositories for this nutritious product. They buy milk from processors and receive donations. Food banks store milk short term before it goes to pantries. Not even one gallon of milk per person per year is available at most food banks.

Food Pantries

There are 275 pantries in Wisconsin. At best, the availability of milk to pantries is erratic. There are ways that can address how to make milk more available to all who need it. The key to success might be shelf stable milk.

“I don’t take more than I need because someone else might need it more than I do.”

Food Pantry Client, November 2019

Social Innovation Project

Carolyn Rumery Betz completed this project as a Community Fellow in Edgewood College’s Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership Program (SISL)

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