Long-term Solutions

Planning for the future

  • The most viable long-term solution for bringing more milk into the food banks is to make more shelf-stable (UHT) milk that needs no refrigeration (until opened).
  • Facilities that make UHT milk need to be ready to fill different-sized Tetra Pak containers to meet variable needs, not just lunch-box sized packaging.
  • We need more small-scale dairy farmers and milk processors because they provide the flexibility that the food supply chain needs. Small-scale operations may prove to be more resilient in challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Milk processing facilities need to build more flexibility into their bottling operations. Fluid milk needs to be put into variably-sized containers to meet variable demands.
  • Improve flexibility can be funded through small business grants, dairy check off funds and donations from the public.

Do you have an idea on how to bring more milk into food banks? Please email me so we can work together.

Martin Perez, Food Security Specialist from the Community Action Coalition, unloads shelf-stable milk at the First United Methodist Church. Photo: Karen Andro.

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