Milk Supply Chain – Pandemic

This is the same schematic as the generalized milk supply chain, except this one is under pandemic conditions. Despite an overabundance of milk, processors cannot keep up or adapt to these changing conditions.

  • The small dairy farmer is still producing milk and selling it at their store, the food bank and grocery stores.
  • Schools and restaurants which are large consumers of milk are closed, reducing demand for milk.
  • With less demand for milk, the larger dairy farmer is told the processors don’t need as much. It’s not worth the cost to transport milk from the farm to the processor.
  • Large dairy farms may cull cows, reduce nutrient inputs or dump milk.
  • The processors make only a tiny fraction of 1/2-pint containers they used to.
  • Large restaurant-sized containers are no longer bottled.
  • Processors cannot switch production lines to offer versatile container sizes for grocery stores, food banks, etc. because they are so specialized.
  • Food banks cannot get what they need to satisfy demand from the pantries.
  • USDA must buy more milk for the CAC to satisfy nutritional needs and to support milk prices for farmers.
  • Three times as many people need milk from pantries due to massive unemployment.
  • Children and adults do not get enough nutrients or calories that milk provides.
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