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milk in a refrigerator
  • Breakfast and lunch are still being provided for free to all school children in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Two servings of milk are included with these meals. There are 13 pick-up locations, Monday thru Friday.
  • Refrigerated trucks in good repair are needed immediately to bring milk from processing plants to the people without going to SHFB and then the pantries first.
  • Could restaurant that are not open and have empty refrigerator lockers and empty parking lots be used as places where people could pick up milk?
  • Could volunteers staff these locations?
  • Could processing plants bottle milk into half-gallon and gallon jugs instead of half-pints or restaurant sized containers?
  • Could the school meal pick-up locations be places where milk could be distributed for free, in larger sizes, rather than half-pint containers?

Photo credit: Sassy Cow Creamery

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